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Full Service Salon with certified beauticians. Eyebrow threading - Facials - waxing - Make Up etc. Specialties Threading ( Eyebro...
Posted: 25-May-10
Avon beauty products online at low prices. Avon Beauty Products cost a fraction of what you pay for other big brands. So if you want to try them,...
Posted: 19-Nov-09
Per Person $80/per month. It is a popular belief that Yoga merely includes stretching and warm up exercises. Of course, yoga involves stretching, ...
Posted: 14-Jul-09
Threading,Waxing,Facials,Face Clean up,Hair Cut,Heena.....
Posted: 14-Sep-09
Threading,Waxing,Facials,Face Clean up,Hair Cut,Heena.....
Posted: 15-Jul-08
Certified Skin Consultants working to help you provide better healthy looking and glowing skin. See how your skin will be like in the next 5 years ...
Posted: 20-Nov-07
Certified for skin analyzing magnifier eybrows,facial,waxing,heena,skin treatments
Posted: 13-Aug-07
We have wide verity of quality and natural health and beauty products. There will be a 10% discount on next purchase for the orders above $100....
Posted: 29-Jul-07
The Art of "Threading" (Facial Hair removal). Eyebrow & Chin Threading, Side Burns, Upper Lip. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that ...
Posted: 02-Apr-07
Posted: 05-Jan-07
Posted: 05-Jan-07
Nisha Tanna's spa offers threading to its guests and consumers as a service, and, to spa and salon professionals in the form of class instructi...
Posted: 05-Jan-07
Herbal. VASKO is a natural Herbal formula for the vascular system cleansing and reversing Arthritis. It unclogs arteries, veins and helps to re...
Posted: 17-Jul-06
(773) 381-3880
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(630) 357-9338
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(773) 784-0910
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(773) 545-3852
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(773) 237-0177
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(847) 933-1580
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(773) 227-1010
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(773) 274-0778
Posted: 10-Jul-06
(847) 368-0402
Posted: 10-Jul-06
Please look at the price list.. Threading, Heena, Long Hairs and Herbal products.. You tried the rest, now try the BEST. Best price. We will beat ...
Posted: 05-Feb-05
Posted: 05-Feb-05
Call for appointment (847) 529-7521. Customer Satisfaction at Best Price. You tried the rest, now try the best. Best Prices. We will beat any regu...
Posted: 29-Jan-05
Haircuts,Threading,color,facials,Nails. Facials and Color.
Posted: 19-Dec-04
distributor of Ayurvedic(Herbal Product). Herbal beauty products. Salient Features of Shahnaz Husain formulations: * Based on a tried and tested s...
Posted: 29-Mar-04
beauty salon. beauty salon. Hair-cuts, Perms, Color, Threading, Arms and Legs Waxing.
(773) 761 1075
Posted: 25-Mar-00
Hair fashion for men and women. No appointment necessary.
Posted: 25-Mar-00