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Maharashtra Mandal
Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago is a non-profit 
organization serving the local community since 

It is the first Maharashtra Mandal formed in North 
America. It is also the proud founder of Brihan 
Maharashtra Mandal. The most amazing tradition, it 
has kept up is the annual hosting a full-fledged 3-
hour Marathi drama.

The main objective of Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago 
is to provide the cultural support to all 
Maharashtrian people now in USA, with roots in 
Maharashtra. Another major activity of Maharashtra 
Mandal, Chicago is to help in bringing together 
Marathi speaking Indian community.
Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago organizes various 
events related to traditional Maharashtrian 
cultural programs such as Gudhi Padava, Natya 
Sangeet, Marathi NatyaMahotsava, Ganesh Chaturthi, 
Diwali, Varsha Sahal, and many more. The aim is to 
promote the Artists in various fields.